VISION MARK BIOTECH offering biological-organic fertilizers and pesticide products includes Bio-Organic Fertilizers, Plant Growth Regulator, Bio-Stimulants, Bio-insecticides, Bio-fungicides, Organic Micronutrient, Silica fertilizers, Herbal Sucking Pest Controller, Herbal Miticide, Herbal Nematicides, Herbal Larva Controller, Virucide, Organic Sulphur fertilizers, Flowering booster, Non Ionic Silicon sticker, pH Balancer etc are proud to be in the forefront of developing innovative technology that benefits farmers all around.

VISION MARK BIOTECH believes the key to safer produce and sustainable yields lies in the concept of zero-residue farming.

Biofertilizers and Organic fertilizers based on biotechnology innovation to replicate the effectiveness of synthetic products. These are the key to next generation alternatives in crop protection and enhancement system.

  Improve soil structure & texture.

 Improve water holding capacity of the soil.

  Increase supply of nutrients to make plants more healthy and productive.

  Proliferate useful soil micro organisms and Promote root development.

  Plants become Significantly reduce pollution and improve environmental health.

 Economical and easy to apply.

VISION MARK BIOTECH offering excellant quality speciality products of the world’s most advanced feed supplements, Dissolved Oxygen Enhancer, Water Conditioner, Micro & Macro Nutrients for Plankton, Narural Zeolyte, A broad spectrum disinfectants, natural plant extracts and probiotics technology etc for the commercial culture of Aqua industry.

VISION MARK BIOTECH manufacture bottles and jars with the help of advanced machines. We are recognized as one of the foremost HDPE, Plastic Bottles and Jars Manufacturers in India. All our bottles and jars are made of supreme quality raw materials, which ensure their durability and fine quality.