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VISION MARK BIOTECH have a state of the art lab modern facilities that is completely furnished with technically advanced tools and managed by well experienced technocrat with over ten years of experience in biotech field.

VISION MARK BIOTECH has in-house facilities for soil Testing, Microbiological Testing.

VISION MARK BIOTECH exemplifies values in action and is passion to embrace integrity, trustworthiness, and mutual respect to elevate the spirit of how to do business and the way business is done.

Our management believes that the success of the Bio products business relies on development of new products to suit its customers' needs. Research is done at the Company and the R&D team comprises of well-known biotechnology experts, scholars and technical staff.

Other product lines will be developed to increase its capture of the market share. The Company also plans to promote its products to other markets in various European, Asian and Arican countries.


After 2012 being a quite stressful and hard year to understand the market we entered into 2013 in which started to capture the market percentage slowly


Started B2B Agro Inputs Sale

After achieving a minimal market share of West India we move towards diversifying and explore other markets


Developed Nanotechnology Based Agro Inputs

Being on the road to success we entered into large scale manufacturing of Nano based agro inputs and successfully completed demand for 200 plus marketing partners over pan india.


Diversified Into Manufacturing of Aquaculture Chemicals

Stabilised and started the manufacturing facility of Aquaculture Chemicals like probiotic feed supplements, aqua disinfectants etc.


Achieved sale target for 30 MT silicon-based spreader 'Green-Stick"

Feeling confident about new products and diversifying fast in other innovative products for agriculture and aquaculture.