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What We Do

VISION MARK BIOTECH is a Biotech company incepted by first generation Bioentrepreneurs in the business of Manufacturing and Marketing Eco-Friendly Bio Technology products viz., Organic Agri In Puts, Bio-fertilizers, Plant Growth Stimulator which are being produced through Industrial Fermentation Process.

The continual improvement towards eco-friendly mining practices and manufacturing processes is what makes VISION MARK BIOTECH Products the world leader in sustainable farming options for mainstream agriculture.

VISION MARK BIOTECH exemplifies values in action and is passion to embrace integrity, trustworthiness, and mutual respect to elevate the spirit of how to do business and the way business is done.



VISION MARK BIOTECH is aimed at discovering and developing best in class products that provide unique benefit to complete need of our customers. The depth and breadth of our technological and scientific expertise enables us to develop breakthrough products at affordable prices. Our team of outstanding scientists is the and developing pioneering biotechnology solutions.

Our responsibilities towards our society, towards our environment. We believe lots is yet to be done to fulfill our promise to the society of turning every sector into an eco-safe zone so, economy need not be apologetic towards ecology!!

Few of the principle domains on which we are currently working on are

  Biofungicides and Biopesticides.

  Animal Feed Products including probiotics additives for cattle feed.

  Enzymes for food, dairy, leather, pharmaceutical and brewing industry.

  Algae based nutritional and health products.

  Biological solutions for treatment of different industrial effluents.

  Microbial Culture depository to support the R & D in life sciences and allied fields.

  Human probiotics and other biopharmaceutical preparations.