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GREEN STICK is unique liquid with silicon based organic formulation contains organic adjuvants.

  • It is all purpose low foam Non-Ionic spreader, sticker and activator with unique rain fastness property for use on plants to maximize the effectiveness and efficacy of pesticides.
  • It is designed for quick wetting as well as uniform droplets distribution and increased spray retention on leaf surfaces.
  • It 3 in One Sticker, Spreader, Activator.
  • It improves soil penetration of irrigation water and Promoters rapid uptake of agrochemical.

Non Ionic Silicon 100%

  • RECOMMENDED FOR: It can be use along with all Insecticides, fungicides, Foliar fertilizers, defoliators, herbicides and weedicides etc.
  • DOSAGE: Use with Insecticides, Fungicide, Foliar fertilizers & Defoliators add 15 mL of product in 100 litres of water and allow to mix thoroughly. Use with Herbicides & weedicides, add 20 mL of product in 100 litres of water.


AQUA SET is unique liquid nanotechnology based formulation contains organic nano buffering and silicon components.

  • AQUA SET is specially developed multifunctional spray adjuvant which serve as A) Acidifier B) Auto Ph indicator C) Penetration D) Wetting agent E) Spreader.
  • It acidifies water to make more penetration to enhance spray performance.
  • It is pH corrector to prevents alkaline hydrolysis.
  • It resist to change pH by buffering it.
  • It neutralises the hardness and decreases the EC of spray water.
  • It is auto pH indicator (Pink Color) which help to adjust pH optimum at 4.5.
  • It has Wetting property reduce surface tension.
  • It effectively increases spray performance by 33%.
  • It is eco-friendly, nontoxic to human, animals, plants.

Buffering Agent 60%, Indicating Agent 2%, Stabilizers 5%, Filler Carrier 33%.

  • RECOMMENDED FOR: It can be use along with all Insecticides, fungicides, Foliar fertilizers, defoliators, herbicides and weedicides etc.
  • DOSAGE: Always add AQUA SET to spray water before adding other components of spray mix. Add sufficient amount of AQUA SET till colour changes to Pink. Doses between 1 ml Per Lit of water.


CHAMPION is a organic herbicide booster, which generates fast action of herbicide over the weeds.

CHAMPION contain free source of natural nitrogen which acts as fast carrier of herbicide from leaf to root of any kind of weed. As weedicides reaches to root fast, weeds get dead early as compare to normal spary.

  • CHAMPION makes Non Selective Herbicides (Like Glyphosate, Paraquat etc ) work faster when use as tank mix.
  • CHAMPION increases rate of penetration of product into plant system.
  • CHAMPION Eco-friendly and Cost effective product.
  • CHAMPION Nontoxic to human, animals, plants.

Natural Free Source of N 20%, Stabilizers 10%, Emulsifier 10%, Aqueous Media 60%

  • RECOMMENDED FOR: All types of weeds along with Non Selective Herbicides ( Like Glyphosate, Paraquat etc ).
  • DOSAGE: Mix 1.5-2 ml of product per Ltr. of water for foliar application with Non Selective Herbicides spray.