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VISION MARK BIOTECH is a multidimensional fast growing biotech company, established with an objective to provide excellent quality biotechnology based products and services to our customers in safer, cost effective and responsible manner.

VISION MARK BIOTECH has encouraged by first of its kind concept as 'Progress through combination of integrity and technology'.

VISION MARK BIOTECH offering biological-organic agro inputs products includes Bio fertilizers, Biostimulants, Non Ionic Silicon Spreader etc are proud to be in the forefront of developing innovative technology that benefits farmers all around.

VISION MARK BIOTECH believes the key to safer produce and sustainable yields lies in the concept of zero-residue farming.

VISION MARK BIOTECH offering excellant quality speciality products of the world’s most advanced products culture of Aqua industry.

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Vision & Mission

VISION MARK BIOTECH has taken upon them to strive hard for facilitating the availability of the latest innovative technologies, by encouraging and enduring the benefits of on-date research & development. This approach allows us to client satisfaction and delivering the world class quality products.

Quality Policy

VISION MARK BIOTECH believes in continuous effort to improve product quality and its safety by complying with various national and international standards using own state-of-the-art analytical and system facilities.

Featured Products

VISION MARK BIOTECH offering innovative Agri inputs that are next generation alternatives in crop protection and enhancement system.

VISION MARK BIOTECH offering excellant quality speciality products of the world’s most advanced aqua feed supplements and disinfectants for the commercial culture of Aqua industry.

Agri Nano Biostimulants

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Agri Soil Fertilizers

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Agri Biocontrol Agents

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Agri Adjuvants

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Aquaculture Inputs

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Aqua Disinfectants

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